Thursday, August 13, 2009

Come inside..

Here is a Peak inside the bus....

Monday, August 10, 2009

Would you like one of these???

Ok so it is not a very good picture but the best I could do in the dark..
Ok Up for grabs is a Copy of our Signed Twilight Script. This script was signed by 22 of the Twilight Cast and crew.
Signatures include:
RPat, KStew, A. Greene, Billy Burke, C. Hardwicke, M. Rosenburg, (Can you make out who else because honestly I have forgotten.)
What do you have to do to win this script?
Easy as can be.
Simply follow us here and or follow us on Twitter.
Also let your friends know because for every friend you tell to follow us you will get an extra entry (as long as your friend tweets or comments your screen name to me.)
Our twitter can be found to the right of this post or find us by typing Thetwilightbus on
Easy right?
Like I said in the last post: easy as falling in love with a Vampire.
I will keep this open till the 30th of this month, August, for those who are lost in a time warp somewhere. On August 31 I will pick a winner and they will receive a high quality copy of the same script that is proudly hanging in the bus..
Have at it Twits and readers. I dare you...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Something big is coming...

Do you like to win??
Sure you do!
In the next day or two we will be posting a giveaway. What do you have to do to win? Comment, follow or twitter. As easy as falling in love with a Vampire (or a wolf for those on team Jacob).

Stay tuned and feel free to follow us on Twitter to see where the bus will be. (click on follow me in Twitter link in the right sidebar above the New Moon trailer.)

Monday, August 3, 2009

NEARLY finished bus...

I totally forgot to post pics of the NEARLY finished bus. Some things need to be redone but in the meantime...

A little laugh and FANS!!

OK I had to Tweet (we are on twitter) about the fact that we were laughing and contemplating taking pictures of the people literally hanging out their car windows on the freeway trying to take pictures of the bus!!

We went to Arden Fair Mall today and ran into fans of our own! More and more often we come out of a store to find people surrounding the bus and we are constantly having people snapping pictures. Well I decided we are going to take pics of some of the bus fans and post them here and perhaps have a section inside the bus to put fan photos. So here is our first official fan photo.

These fans are from Oregon..