Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Welcome readers. We hope you climb aboard and fasten your seat belts and join us on the ride to transform our Bus into the Ultimate twilight vehicle. We will document each step on this journey from run down retired school bus to Ultimate Twilight Bus.

A little background: We are an Army family with 10 kids. We needed something bigger to haul all the kids around in. As a few of our kids have various medical equipment that goes with them everywhere we needed something bigger than the average van. Searching craigslist we found this retired old 1989 Chevy School bus. With seating for 16 plus the driver it was perfect. Thus begins the journey.

We have a very specific design in mind and it is already in the works but we will also be allowing you, our riders, to submit Stickers and signs and fan art to be displayed in/on the Twilight Bus. We do ask that any stickers to be applied to the outside of the bus be vinyl or printed vinyl as they need to withstand the weather. Signs we are looking for include the following:
Bus Rules
Welcome Sign
Name signs for the kids for above their seats

We will also accept suggestions for signs, art etc.

We will be using this blog to record the journey with pictures and work during the transformation as well as posts about our journey into the public with this Amazing Bus, So climb aboard for a fun ride!


Anonymous said...

I am a huge Twilight fan. I saw your bus at Wal-Mart in Elk Grove. It was awesome. That was the coolest thing i have ever seen.Nice choose for a theme.

Frieda said...

I saw your bus for the first time this afternoon on Laguna Blvd, in Elk Grove. I agree, it was/is very awesome.