Wednesday, September 2, 2009

1332 Entries!!

My eyes hurt! Wow you all were great! Thank you! Sorry it took me a bit to make sure all the entries were numbered. There were 1332 entries 1291 of them twitter followers and twits who referred people.

I announced the winner last night late on twitter since the winner was a twit. Here is my post:
WINNER WINNER WINNER!! Number random generator came up with 266 and the person in that spot at the time was... @ckara07 ckara DM me...

I also have a BONUS prize to give:
BONUS WINNER 4 most Referred followers (2 many 2 count!) @Tabithamichelle Tabithamichelle DM me I need your address to send you your prize!

Winners have been posted on Twitter and I am hoping they enjoy their prizes.

I am currently trying to get more things for prizes and will be doing more things here and on Twitter. I am going to be holding trivia on Twitter, some for fun and some for prizes so if you haven't yet, Follow me on twitter.

Not that I do not love you blog followers too. I will try to figure out a Blog follower only contest too. School has started again so I should be able to get more things going as we get used to the new routines.