Sunday, September 20, 2009

Keeping things running... Clarification and Shirts

Ok I really enjoy taking the bus places so everyone can see it and I think you will agree that (especially if you have seen us) the bus is a sight to be seen. I feel the need to tell you, to an extent, the going ons of a few things.

First and for most, all money up to this point that has been spent on the bus has been from my own pocket. All $6900 (approx) has come from our family. This does not include the gas I use in the bus.
I am trying to get to a few of the twilight conventions so more people can see the bus and enjoy all the things in and on it also. But that too comes out of pocket.
We are not rich, actually far from it and the time has come that if I want to continue to take the bus places for others, I need to figure out how to fund said events.
Someone has felt the need to constantly negativly post about my selling t-shirts (hense Comment moderation now being turned on).
I have gotten these shirts to help cover some of the costs of maintaing the bus. For example Engine work (it is a 1989 school bus after all) and new window when someone shot it out a few weeks ago etc.

No I did not buy these shirts @$20 to sell for $20 that would make absolutely no business sense.
So yes I am selling the shirts I bought in a VERY large quantity for more than I paid for them but still less than retail and even less than many people are selling them on ebay.
Seems good to me as many people cannot even find these shirts anymore and I was able to take out a loan to be able to get them and help others get great shirts while I maintain the bus.
Win win in my book.
If you do not agree then that is fine and this "someone" can go buy their shirts elsewhere.
NOTE to Anonymous: at least have the cahones to list yourself a name since your IP address and info is already recorded each time you post. Have a great day Anon and find a hobby you must have such a boring life to do nothing but sit on my site and bash me. :)

For those that wanna help and get a great shirt in return I will list some new shirts. Hope you all like them.

Ladies Cullen Crest/Family - $20

Man's Gold Twilight Edward - $20Ladies Bella Edward Poster - $20Blue Twilight logo Says "the forbidden fruit is aften the sweetest" on the back - $20
Ladies/Juniors Embrace Henley - $20.00

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