Monday, July 13, 2009

Frustrations and IN The News??

First about my frustrations. The guy who is supposed to be doing the stickers for the bus was supposed to send me the proofs so I can finish the bus last week. I STILL have not gotten the proof email. I am getting so frustrated because I really want the bus to get done! I will visit him one more time tomorrow to pick up my books and I am going to go to Galt sign and ask them if they want to take over. If not I guess I will be on the search for a new sign shop.
On the home front, I received an email from the local paper who would like to meet with us and do a story. I was shocked! I am also kinda excited. I will contact her tomorrow after I deal with the sticker guy.
I have had a migraine for the past 2 days and I really hope it is gone by tomorrow So I can get more done with the bus and the house..
Hey anyone know how to get a signed copy of the book for the bus? Or a signed anything? That would be awesome. Wow even more awesome would be if I could get Stephenie and maybe some others to sign it. How awesome would that be?!