Saturday, July 18, 2009

Why A Twilight Bus??

OK so more people are asking why we would make a Twilight bus so I thought I would answer here.
First off we have 10 kids, a few who are special needs and medically fragile. We came across a small school bus for sale and it fit us all and the medical equipment and our strollers in it so we bought it.
I know it is embarrassing to be seen driving around in a "short bus" at least for my older kids so we thought of a way to make it less of an embarrassment and more fun to be seen in.
Me and most of my kids are HUGE Twilight fans so we decided to make it into a fan based sort of Mobile museum. The bus is our main mode of transportation so it is driven EVERYWHERE! We painted it black , With the help of a Local body Shop (Larrie Cain's Collision Center) and we got a sign guy (ICR signs) to make all the vinyl for it. We paid for materials and the companies donated their time.
Inside we are collecting Twilight memorabilia of all kinds to put on display. The only music that plays is the Twilight soundtrack of which we know all the words (even my 17 month old knows how to "sing" along).
We are teaming with to get some more things for inside the bus. So far we have 3 posters, a photo and a copy of the Twilight script (complete with facsimile signatures from Ebay!)

We have been stopped by people all over wanting to take a picture and it is not even done yet! This Tuesday the bus goes in to get it vinyl on it. We will be featured in the local newspaper on Thursday. We are so excited!

I am trying and hoping to maybe contact some of the actors from the movies to get some special things for the inside.
We do not charge anyone for anything, everyone who wants to can come see it take pictures ect. We are just trying to make a positive out of a negative and to bring positive attention to our family in a fun way.

So join us. If you have something you would like to donate email me and I will give you contact info and any donations of Items will have the donor's name on it on display inside (unless the donor does not want it on).

Hope this answers your questions but feel free to contact me if you have more!


Anonymous said...

The local paper you're talking about, is it the paper for the great American little town you live in? By the way I love your bus! I live around the corner from you and want to stop and read your stickers on the back, but I feel like a stalker lol. Can you post a picture of the back?

Dani said...

please stalk away LOL. I parked it in the driveway so you can read it better..((Wink))

Anonymous said...

Haha, I just drove by it with my brother and we went a little slow, I'll have to find a few reasons to go up town while its in the driveway!