Thursday, July 23, 2009


OMG I have the Peter Facinelli app on my iphone and today while in chat he came on!
I took a shot and asked him for an autographed picture of him as Carlisle for the bus.
HE SAID YES!!!!!!!
He took our address and now we are watching the mail for a photo made out to the Silva Bus!!
I am super excited can't you tell?!
Peter is awesome. He is super nice and he actually talked to me!
I almost died!
For those that don't know I would choose Carlisle over Edward anyday! I know I like the older men! Haha wow I guess Carlisle is REALLY older!
The bus was supposed to be done by today but now it should be done by tomorrow.
It is a frustrating process.
Ok well I am lurking on my app and need to get back to all my fellow appinellis!
Love ya appinellis!


Sara said...

That's awesome!